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I love cupcakes. Love them. However, since coming to Seattle and indulging my cupcake-loving-tooth, I’ve become quite the cupcake snob. Recently, I’ve become committed to a new little shop which happens to be happily situated next to my favorite manmade lake. Did I mention it’s only 2.9 miles and a handful of stop lights away from my house?

Allow me to introduce you to:

Cake Envy | image via cake-envy.com

Seriously… the store cupcakes are just as pretty as the website cupcakes | image via cake-envy.com

And these sweet cupcakes are made from all natural and organic ingredients which is something that my prior favorite shop couldn’t claim | image via cake-envy.com

I think my favorite variety to date is the Mexican Hot Chocolate one. Watch out though… it has a serious, back of your mouth, makes your cheeks kind of pink, kick.

And if you’re one of those types who like to take things in moderation (or has commitment issues when it comes to picking a single flavor), don’t worry – they have baby cakes of all their daily shop varieties*.

*I think, I mean I’m pretty sure. Sure enough to include a disclaimer, that is.

It seems like the cupcake shops are sticking around. What do you think? What’s your favorite sweet treat?