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I’ve decided I’m great at mini-posts. As such, here’s a few words regarding the status of the golden-yellow bathroom. I’ll be honest when I say there were two driving forces for the selection of the color scheme:

  1. the finish on the curio cabinet which I purchased to make up for lost storage (I’ll have a few mini posts soon about the crazy storage solutions that evolved in conjunction with the downsizing from the homestead to the oasis).
  2. I had a lot of teal chotzke that I wasn’t quite ready to part with.

And so I went with the Sechura line from Anthropologie. Admittedly, when I called my local store about whether they had any stock on the shelves, I pronounced it like the oh-so-popular hot sauce, Sriracha. Let me clarify, my bathroom is adorned with these:

via anthropologie.com

Not this:

via amazon.com

But it’s still easier to say Sriracha in my opinion.

Here’s a pic of the (tiny) final bathroom:

And now I get to keep some of the teal chotzke!