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Hey there, hi there, ho there. I can’t believe its been 19 days. Nineteen days! Really? Well, it’s honestly been a busy month. Between the move (I’m down to two miscellaneous boxes and am, admittedly, trying to find a place to hide my extra toilet paper), an audit (we’re almost done – hooray!) and getting cable tv (believe it or not, I’ve already been sucked into the Home Shopping Network and have officially cut myself off!), hitting the sack has been pretty easy lately.

I did want to pop in though briefly and show you something that I made for my friend’s, get ready for this, Duck, Duct Thirty party! My friend, Jill, is an interior designer and uses her creativity to host really fun parties in addition to scheming up beautiful spaces. This year, to celebrate the big 3-0, Jill chartered a private Duck Tour and required all attendees to be wearing at least one article of clothing made out of duct tape. Coming off the week of “the audit”, I didn’t have much time but I really did want to put some effort into fashioning something to wear.

So, after stumbling out of bed yesterday morning, I headed over to Fred Meyers and was totally inspired by:

Paisley Princess | Via scotchducttape.com

I bought a belt and wrapped it up in the skinny version of the tape. It literally took two minutes to do. I then knew that I wanted to make a bracelet of some type and began searching around for ‘Duct Tape Flowers’. Well, let’s just say that art by means of sticky, colorful tape is definitely trending. Among all of the different results, I absolutely fell in love with How Joyful’s Duct Tape Flower Tutorial:

via howjoyful.com

I spent the next few hours ago, therapeutically cutting petals (I actually just winged it and cut mine freehand after looking at the pdf which Joy kindly included) and came up with:

Paisley Princess Petals!

I ended up making a cuff by hot glueing the flowers to the top of a band made out of the same tape. Upon wearing it to the party, however, I got a lot of questions about what I was wearing that was duct-taped. When I referred everyone to my duct tape accessory, most were gleefully shocked.

Now that the night of fun is over (thanks Jill!), I’ve dismantled the flowers and plan to re-purpose them as magnets for my whiteboard at work.

Soon to be magnet!

I can’t wait for the future confessions of saying: yes, it’s really duct tape!

Have you ever fashioned anything wearable out of duct tape?