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Well, with the recent announcement regarding the move to what I will lovingly refer to as “the Oasis” came a tidal waves of “what ifs” and “what should I do’s” regarding the new space and its strengths and limitations. There is one feature that I’m not sure what to think about and that is the color of the bathroom walls. You see, the rest of the house is a sunny yellow which has already indicated that there is going to be some tweaks to my bedroom linens (which is timed perfectly as my current ones are coming to the end of their life after six years). The bathroom, however, is a tone which Crayola refers to as:

Image via Crayola.com

I’m not shy about this color. In fact it’s a prominent color in the living room. I’m just not sure which colors I should pair it with in the bathroom and considering the highly disputed views about whether yellow is aggressive or cheery, I want to get it right.

Wait! Is this my chance for the Nancy Drew inspired bathroom of my own?!

Any ideas out there? Links are appreciated.

Wait! We can take this one step further. If you want to Pin some ideas on my Yellow Fever Bathroom board on Pinterest, just send me a quick facebook note or comment below. I’ll add you and then you pin away. Full disclosure: this is my first Pinterest board so I may be totally inept.

Oh goody! I’m excited to see what your sweet faces come up with!