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Big, deep, breath. I wanted to write this post a long time ago. It’s part of the little HBH pseudo series where I’ve been showcasing the development of my home as I’ve forged ahead and claimed a place as my own.

As you may remember, it started with the oh-so-random fall update showing a lot of, well, nothing. And then the winter update which showed the metamorphosis of the living room, which believe it or not held nothing when I first signed my lease. I had it planned for a while that the spring update would share the wonders of my-oh-so-generously-sized kitchen. Well, I’ve discovered that 2012 has been the year of procrastination regarding HBH. That tendency paired with my inability to vacuum without sweeping up my camera cord (not good, trust me) and then a lot of good stuff at work has left me with only two weeks left at the homestead (I know, I know… more about that later) and I have to show you my kitchen. Because in the months to come, you’re going to laugh a lot. As such, I thought I’d document and share (yes, even with crappy iPhone 3GS pics) the heart of the house, aka my kitchen:

These pictures drive me nuts. They definitely represent reality and also remind me why this post has been such a long time coming. You see, I was waiting for the moment when the counters were cleared off. Ha! That never happens. Therefore, I gave up. Because this is real life.

But seriously, this kitchen has been the best. You see, when I moved in the only two things I had to buy was a silverware caddy and a dish rack. While I was indifferent to the drawer caddy, I had very strong opinions (of course) regarding the dish rack:

Allow me to introduce you to the all natural, <$5 dish drying solution from IKEA. I love how this dish rack folds up and can be stored on top of the fridge. Meanwhile, the .79 tea towels get changed out intermittently.

Psst: here’s the link to the tea towels.

The other two purchases I can recall making were purely aesthetic:

Of course, the cake stand was not a purchase, silly faces! However, the candle was… and the adorable book (another perfect purchase from my friend Sally‘s vintage etsy shop). There are a couple more on Sally’s site if you want to check them out… one less, in fact, then when I linked up (Oh Sally – your etsy store is my undoing!). : )

As you may recall, there were in fact boxes of kitchen things which just sat in storage over the years while I waited for a place that I could let everything loose. Here are some of my favorites:

Far Left: I can tell when I’m having a busy week (like last week) when I get up on Saturday morning and realize I haven’t updated my “calendar” which was purchased years ago (Jules: I got this in Spokane when I was at your wedding at the Starbucks by the hospital!).
Far Right: This little baker dish found a new use as an atypical fruit bowl. I like that it can’t hold too much. Thus, less goes to waste since nothing can hide.

Ironically, the only vintage item in the picture above is the oven which has never quite warmed up right. Oddly enough the sweet towel above is still available at Anthropoloige years later… it does have a pretty high rating!

Just thought I’d finish “the tour” off with a couple random things:

I found out that your compost bin doesn’t have to be covered. I also found out that it is impossible to grow thyme… at least this year.

Speaking of rubbish… evidently I am one of those manic recyclers that the Pemco advertisements refer to. While living at the homestead, I often only filled up one garbage bag a month.
And yes, I’m awkwardly bragging about this.

And finally… one of my favorite spots at the homestead. After the art upgrade, that is.

So, that’s it for the homestead. After a year in the home and the evolution of the blog, I think it’s wonderfully ironic that my favorite room was one filled with things which I carefully collected over my adult life (seriously, I bought all of my baking glassware the first summer I was back from college when I lived in the sorority – my parents thought I was so weird).

So… I’m sure some of you picked up on the “next two weeks” comment and are wondering what in the heck is happening. Well, in short, I’m moving. The school which owns the house contacted me earlier in the summer and expressed their desire to re-purpose the building to fit their ever-growing needs (with so many super smart kiddos, they’re literally busting at the seams!). And so, I sort of started a house search and discovered that it’s not my favorite part of being an adult. So, my friends and family took control and sent me oodles and oodles of listings. I ignored them for the most part (sorry Dad!) but was grateful to know that so many people cared for me. Finally, one night I grouped all the e-mails and started being serious. A few clicks into my search, I found a wonderful basement apartment in Ballard. I think it was truly meant to be. The homeowner responded promptly. She dealt with my awkwardness as I revealed how little I knew about house hunting in Seattle. And her property was wonderful.

Now, are you ready for the best part? In consideration of all the cupboards the homestead kitchen has, you may fall off your chair when you see my next kitchen. Here it goes:

Oh wait. The post has been deleted. Duh.

Well, let’s just say that the kitchen is, um, well described as a European efficiency kitchen which means it’s small and there’s no dishwasher.
When I told my friend, Emily, this, she gasped and said “Jessica! What are you going to do? How will you cook?”

Well, I’m hoping that I will eat more salads and if not, I’ll definitely start using more Pam. One thing is for sure, I’ll be happy to share developments at “the Oasis” with you so stay tuned…

And because I’m feeling sentimental, this post is dedicated to:

My Dad: For sending me no less than 100 e-mails, texts, and messages with rentals which fit my geographic and price point criteria perfectly. Your love is humbling, Papa.

Whitney: A former New Yorker, Whit knows how to scout out property and was the winner this time around. Seriously, Whitney, if it weren’t for you I may have been living out of my car in two weeks.

Dianna: For non-verbally telling me to pull up boot straps and get moving. Literally. Thank you also for offering the services of not only your husband, but your dad too when it came to site visits!

Erin B: Who else takes precious moments before leaving on a two-week Italian vacation and compiles an exhaustive list of properties for a coworker? Thanks for helping me think outside the box (and basement), Erin!