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Crap. Have I blogged about this before? If so, I apologize (and will take the friend out to ice cream who can reference the link!). Part 2 of the Summer 2012 Garden overview will come next week… hopefully. Until then, I just wanted to share my go to recipe for the best potato salad. Seriously.

Here’s my picture:

Love “mood” lighting. Absolutely love it.

And here’s Everyday Food‘s:

Now I realize that claiming that a recipe is the best recipe is a BIG claim. But it’s true. For the following five reasons:

  1. It has five ingredients: potatoes, sour cream, mayonnaise, bacon and scallions.
  2. It’s gluten free.
  3. My friend Kira loves it and she doesn’t like traditional potato salad (with mustard and hard cooked eggs).
  4. It tastes like a baked potato got mashed inside a bowl and then chilled.
  5. It looks pretty. Rustically pretty.

What’s your favorite summer side dish?