I’m not losing my mind, I promise. I am, however, still implementing new software. Thus, the mini posts continue.

But seriously, I love my toilet. I know that toilets aren’t the common object of one’s affection. Growing up, I didn’t think that there was much to love about toilets. My childhood home was constructed in the seventy’s and therefore our toilet was blue. The only impact on my life was that we called its dwelling place the blue bathroom.

Until I was in high school, I thought that toilets after the 1970’s (when colored toilets were not on-trend) were all white. I knew that there were different brands but I honestly thought it was a gimmick. Then my Grandma Ruby started to age and was adamant that she needed a taller toilet. Consequently, my internal catalog of toilets grew to include regular toilets and tall toilets.

That was it. Then, I moved into the homestead last summer.

I’ll admit. The homestead isn’t much. It’s a two bedroom rambler with really great rent owned bv a landlord who is waiting to tear it down and build something else on top of it. Prior to the current landlord, however, I had learned that the prior owner bought it as an investment and did some basic upgrades. These included new windows, tearing out the orchard which sat in the majority of my current yard (I know, sad!) and upgrading the fixtures in the bathroom.

The bathroom was what sold me on the place, particularly the toilet and the pedestal sink. Here are a few quick pics:

I like everything about this except for the weird pipe in the back. What gives?

(Psst… like that candle? Read more about it here.)

Just a little detail that makes an aesthetic difference.

Now, you’d think I was done with the toilet talk but… there’s more. You see, I’m wondering if anyone else has grown an appreciation for plumbing fixtures? I only ask because I’m (weirdly, weirdly, weirdly) head over hills for Kohler‘s new Tresham Collection. I came across it due to some very aggressive marketing over at Martha Stewart (well done marketing team, well done!) featuring lovely images such as this:

Image via Kohler.com

If you’re shaking your head and wondering what kind of gross Kool-Aid I started drinking, I dare you to check out the site, specifically the Gallery Designer Showcase or catch a glimpse of their oh-so-witty television ad. Personally, I am now dead set on having a Nancy Drew inspired room of some sort after checking out Katie’s bathroom:

Image via Kohler.com

Perhaps I’m not alone?

Given the amount of time we spend in the loo, could our design of this space incorporate a bit more whimsy, or, the very least, comfort?

I mean, who doesn’t love the settee in the Ladies Lounge at Nordstroms?