This last Saturday, I came to the sad conclusion that I had to retire my Sunbeam Electric Mattress Pad for the season. For crying out loud, it was the last day in June and I decided it would be utterly pathetic to move into July with the temptation of turning it on.

I know an electric mattress pad isn’t sexy. It has, however, been a godsend since I moved into the homestead and faced the fear of paying a gas bill for a 2 bedroom home all by myself (I had been able to go without one ever since moving to Seattle due to a variety of reasons).


It’s not my intention for this post to appear gimmicky (even though it feels like it right now). As such, I’ll be quick to share the rationalization of my timing with this post:

  1. I’ve used a heated mattress pad ever since I started sleeping on a sleeping porch during my sorority days. The cold Pullman nights necessitated something other than my usual blankets and duvet. Back in the day, I chose the mattress pad over a traditional heated blanket because it could be kept on all day and then would be triggered on by body weight. While I’ve never been able to find one with this technology again, I fell in love with it. Not being able to feel the coils due to the padding is another plus.
  2. It’s hot right now and therefore these aren’t needed. As such, I’m finding that most are on sale right now.
  3. Even though you may shell out $75 – $100 now, I think one would seriously recoup the cost in energy savings (especially year over year over year). As the PNW entered the cold and gray months of winter, I procrastinated adding the mattress pad. That procrastination drastically came to an end, however, when I got my first heating bill. I know I don’t use as much energy at night (when I’m most sensitive to the cold) because I can crawl into my warm bed and read, review stuff for work and then konk out. Subsequent billings despite colder weather confirmed my theory.

Well, thanks for letting my indulge in another product recommendation… perhaps I can have a post-retirement career on the Home Shopping Network?

How about you? Do you have any silly (but beloved) product recommendations?