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Father’s Day is right around the corner. Actually, it’s not even around the corner. It’s in two days! Last year, I made my dad a spice rub which he still keeps on hand (and was great on ribs). This year, my mom and dad are getting theater tickets per their request. However, I couldn’t have helped but ponder what I would have conjured up if this year’s gift giving hadn’t been so easy…

I must seriously have barbecuing on the brain. Not only am I still fantasizing about a certain piece of shiny equipment, but I immediately thought of hypothetically continuing the D.I.Y. condiment theme and making my dad some homemade barbecue sauce.

After a bit of searching, I think I found the perfect recipe. I mean, it sounds pretty interesting as its primary ingredient is one of my favorite summer refreshments (especially when in Italy):


The recipe only takes twenty minutes and I just can’t help but believe that the cooked down cola’s caramel-goodness would pair well with the other ingredients (liquid smoke, Worcestershire, and garlic) on chicken, beef, you name it.

And… since the sauce can stay refrigerated for months I thought I would continue this hypothetical gifting by finding a great jar. Since my Papa has a little bit of scientist in him, I think the Weck Taper Jar is the perfect combination of form (sleek) and function (the rubber seal and clips keep goods fresh):

Weck Taper Jar via Bliss Home

It doesn’t hurt that I’m absolutely obsessed with them (Weck jars) either. What do you say, Papa? Should we have a barbecue sauce making daddy-daughter date anyway? I’m thinking so…

My friends agree. Fathers are notoriously hard to shop for.

Do you have any great plans?