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This corny blog post title is attributable to two things: 1) the family recently saw a children’s theater version of RENT for my dad’s birthday and 2) I nearly fell asleep by candlelight last night which, consequently, has evidently lead to this week’s rambling (software rollout has been temporarily replaced with budgets and the month-end close).

But anyway, it all started out last night when I drove home from community group and noticed that the street light by my house wasn’t on. I figured it was because of the change in the season (extended daylight – yes!). Then I tried to open my garage door and it didn’t move. I repeated this action six times. I then looked at my front porch light which I clearly remembered accidentally leaving on as I was running out the door yesterday morning. A glance around the neighborhood confirmed my greatest fear: the power was out and I would not be able to watch the first episode of this season’s The Glee Project on Oxygen.

I’ll admit that I was creeped out. Without power, the neighborhood was eerily quiet. There was still a bit of twilight so I made it into the house and then pondered whether I should go back to my friends’ Jon and Moira‘s house or tough it out. I then recalled the facebook post that my soon-to-be-cousin, Jessica (yes, Jessica!), had shared during the snowpocolypse about the fact that her rather large candle collection had saved the day week. I soon found myself lighting up what had previously just been chotsky. Turns out candlelight is pretty. I felt like a genuine Laura Ingalls Wilder as I read Proverbs before hitting the sack.

And, so, I just thought I’d share some of the wicks which got me through the night:

Capri Blue Candle – Volcano

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t have this candle from Anthropologie? I’m expecting heaven to smell like this.

Disclaimer: I didn’t really burn this candle last night. It’s too low to currently keep a flame.

VoluSpa Large Embossed Candle – Goji Torraco Orange

VoluSpa Large Embossed Candle – French Cade Lavender

I’m really thankful that my salon carries these (check out VoluSpa if this is your first time hearing about them). The red one is my favorite (it smells so good it’s nearly edible) but the blue one is perfect for the bathroom since it has such a clean scent.

And finally…

West Elm’s Colored Glass Candleholders

My pseudo-recent mantle post didn’t showcase the complete project. I finished off the living room with these bright-colored votive holders which cost 1/4 of another popular candle votive brand from Seattle. I prefer these though. We can go to coffee if you’re interested in the reasons why.

And, of course, as I was collecting the pics for this mini-post there were a couple of candles which caught my eye:

Capri Candle – Mandarin Mango

Mandarin Mango? Yes, please. And I know the perfect hypothetical place for it (hint: stay tuned for a future ‘HBH Wants‘).

I must really love citrus because this one might replace my previously-referred-to-too-low Volcano candle:

Capri Candle – Peeled Naval Orange

I just really like the height!

Now, because I don’t want this post to be a complete waste of brain cells, here are the top three emergency-preparedness tips which I picked up from my friend, Victoria, who happens to be on her neighborhood’s safety committee:

1) Make sure your water heater is secured in the case of an earthquake. Evidently, many house fires/explosions happen after an earthquake when water heaters tip over and the pilot light is exposed.

2) Make sure you have at least three day’s supply of bottled water on hand for each family member (don’t forget your pets!).

3) Have at least $100 in small bills in your emergency preparedness supply box so you can purchase goods while maintaining bargaining power.

Looks like I need to do more than just have candles on hand. Hmmm….

Now, on a happier note: Do you like candles? Do you know how to make your own?