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Nerd alert! I know I’ve referenced it before, but I am a cleaning product nerd. This has been confirmed twice in the last two weeks via, what else, but facebook.

The first incident involved my former coworker, Lisa, who was lamenting about hoe plastic items like food storage containers never dry out in the dishwasher. A fellow friend of Lisa’s joked about first world problems. I, however, jumped in with the following recommendation:

Jet Dry | Turbo Dry

I geek out over this stuff. It works really well and a bottle got me through three fill ups. Consider it money well spent when you’re actually able to unload your dishwasher in one full swoop.

The next interaction came just this week when Jenny, a sorority sister, pondered about her next million dollar idea: a cleaning line which had a consistent smell throughout. I contemplated whether I should poke a hole in Jenny’s idea and quickly decided, that as the mother of a very adorable little boy, she’d appreciate me clueing her into my nose-friendly discovery: Clorox Green Works.

I started using Clorox Green Works products a couple of years ago after reading that Seattle (my hometown of sorts) has one of the best water filtration systems in the world. Learning this fact coincided with the audit of a not-for-profit that provides water wells in Africa resulting in my pledge to do what I could to promote clean water waste in my hometown. As such, these are products that I keep on hand:

Toilet Bowl Cleaner | via Clorox Green Works

Bathroom Cleaner | via Clorox Green Works

All Purpose Cleaner | via Clorox Green Works

And my favorite:

Dishwashing Liquid | via Clorox Green Works

All of these products have a bright citrus smell (at least I think it smells like citrus). Whatever it is, it’s consistent. Yay for no odor-induced headaches!

Now, because I am such a nerd, I know I could stop there. However, there are a couple of other products I thought I’d showcase since they have literally been game changers for me:

Bon Ami Powder Cleanser | via Bon Ami

Think of this as a better alternative to the bright green powder that has inspired a campfire song. It’s natural, abrasive, and for crying-out-loud, it has a baby chick on the packaging. I use this to scour my sinks and even will sprinkle a little in the bottom of my compost bowl (more about that later this month when I give a tour of the homestead’s kitchen) to remove surface stains. It’s nearly triple the price of its competitor but it’s still under two bucks. If you give it a try, let me know.

The next product is one that has been around for a while and until this summer I thought was superfluous. Then, I went on a road trip with my friend, Whitney, and witnessed first-hand the miracle that is:

Swiffer Dusters | via Amazon.com

Admittedly, I use the generic version, but I am absolutely Whitney’s copy cat regarding the fact that I keep one in the little console of the driver side door of my car. I can wipe down my entire dashboard in the span of waiting for a red light. I’m breathing better and I’m pretty sure that if my car were an object that gave product testimonies, it would rave on and on. Thanks Whit!

Finally, the last product up for sharing today is one that breaks all my good-for-the-environment and consistent-smell rules. It is none other than:

I hate cleaning the shower. Hate it. As such, I shower like a European so I can get by with cleaning it less often. Using this larger, Febreeze-scented scrubber gets me through the task while keeping my insanity in tact. The biggest plus for me is that I can actually feel it working in contrast to using a textured sponge and foamy cleaners. I’m sorry if you’re grossed out that I can feel the soap scum being scrubbed away in my shower. But it’s true.

Well, thank you for letting me share my nerdy interest with you today. Believe it or not, I haven’t been compensated in the slightest for sharing any of these products with you (see HBH’s Terms page for more details regarding that). Instead, I hope you’ve learned something new and found a potential answer to one of your cleaning quandaries.

What cleaning product causes you to nerd out? (Or at the very least, not mind cleaning?)