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A week ago, I was on facebook and I saw my friend Sally’s status update referring to a project that she had worked on via her company, LaHappy. I clicked on her link and found myself at design*sponge.

Admittedly, I closed the window, went back to Sal’s status update and clicked again. Sure enough, there was design*sponge. Again.

I post this “brag” here because I think Sally is amazing. If you’ve been around HBH for a while, you’re already acquainted with her work (here, here, and here), and probably aren’t surprised by this. Now, however, the rest of the world knows too.

Image via Chantal Andrea Photography via design*sponge

Take a look at design*sponge’s post (written by Grace herself!) and feel free to completely admire this event engineered by Pacific-Northwest talent.

Congratulations Sally!

Check out Sally’s portfolio at LaHappy here.

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