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I’ve come to the point where I can admit that I am fascinated by news articles highlighting social experiments and consumerism. As segments of American culture become more and more interested in owning less and leaving a smaller environmental footprint, aspirations of architects, researchers, and investors have led to a lot of great reading material as of late.

The most recent? A New York Times article recirculated via this Sunday’s The Seattle Times regarding Graham Hill’s new business venture/attempt to shape culture by creating small convertible apartments/condos which through their mere size would encourage people to own less and, hopefully, live more simply.

Trevor Trondo for The New York Times via The Seattle Times

The article is a quick read and brings to light other movements by professionals in the field such as encouraging people to own fewer items (one person created a list of 98 life essentials). As I sat and finished up the article this morning (Memorial Day). I had to wonder if my life could use a little paring down. While I know I’m not ready to eliminate my life’s possessions down to 98 objects (I know this because I happened to count all of the visible items in my bathroom during a “bathroom break” and that total came to 49 alone), there are a few places that could be pared down. For example:

  • Cooking | I’ve recently noted that my love of new recipes has actually encouraged my consumption of fast food. I’m in a season at work right now where I usually roll into the house by 7:00 PM and the thought of embarking on an exciting but unknown recipe (which I’ve already bought groceries for) is super exhausting. As such, I’ve happened to pick up a lot of chips and guacamole (holler to the single life) on the way home lately. As such, I’ve been praying through my food choices and asking Jesus for some out of the box ideas to better steward this part of my life.
  • TV & TV Programming | Hulu+ has been a blessing and a curse lately. I once only watched one televison show. This last year I was managing to keep up with four (this one, that one and another one). I’m thankful that all of these shows have wrapped up for the season but I now know that I need to be super aware of the time I’m spending on my butt this summer. Especially when I’m still behind on The Office and have recently been introduced to Downtown Abbey.

I believe it’s a common adage that “too much of a good thing is a bad thing.” For me, it’s currently guacamole and John Krasinski. And while admitting this does not mean that I’m going to be able to pull a 180, it has left me to ponder.

What about y’all? Are you feeling the call to simplify this summer? Do you think you could whittle your life down to 400 square feet or 90 items?