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My work takes me to the wonderful, well-known Seattle neighborhood called Ballard. Before working there, trips to Trader Joe’s were intentional and well-planned. Now that I often walk by the Ballard store every couple of days, I’ve grown more accustomed to popping in for the occasional pantry staple (olive oil, spices and dried fruit are all well priced there) or the emergency community group dinner (I still remember the shock on the cashier man’s face when I came bombing through his line with a dozen sandwich wraps a couple of weeks ago).

Today was a trip where I was supposed to go in for three things: sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese, and a lemon. I thought I was fine as I entered the store seeing how I had displayed self-control and opted for the hand basket versus the cart. And then I saw them. Flowers. Beautiful, fresh flowers that were something other than tulips.

I slowly walked around the display keeping my distance. The next thing I knew, I was telling myself that it was Easter. It was spring time. And it had been a long, long time since I had arranged some flowers (the last time was with Grandma Chi). And then I was smelling them, touching them and holding bunches together. Then, my practical side spoke to me so I also consulted my budget.

I went in for sun-dried tomatoes and left with yellow pin cushions, white freesia, and soft yellow ranunculus.

When I got home and set up shop, I recalled my lesson from Grandma Chi and realized I forgot foliage. A quick tromp around the yard indicated that there wasn’t anything that I could utilize so I just winged it…

Thankfully, one of the TJ bunches came with some plant food so I added this with some warm water to the vase of choice.

With the vase ready, I started out with the freesia by cutting the stems at similar lengths and then arranging them around the perimeter. This, I resolved, served as my pseudo-foliage.

Now I know why floral shops have those stem trimmers which fit on top of big garbage cans. I took care of the mess by throwing all the stems and greenery into a brown paper bag which was composted. Done and done!

I’ll be honest, it was tough getting all of those thick pin cushion stems to fit in the vase! However, that didn’t prevent me from being really happy with the results:

I'm not just saying this: I really like the unruly look that the ranunculus provided!

In fact, the stems of the pin cushions were so thick that I was only able to put three of six in the big arrangement. As such, I got to have a little fun and fill a small bud base for the living room too:

To prep the pin cushions for the bud base, I simply trimmed them and then pulled off all the leaves (which look pretty gnarly if left on). Why are small things so cute?

I’m so thankful that I allowed myself to deviate from the grocery list – these arrangements are just what was needed as I really do like have something special in the house in time for Easter!

Speaking of Easter (and Good Friday too!)… do you have plans? If you don’t have plans firmed up or aren’t quite sure what the big deal is about, I’d be happy to pass along the link for my church’s services:

via Mars Hill Church

Let me know if you have any questions!