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Well, the truth about spring coming in like a lion (March) and out like a lamb (April) is living up to its reputation. As I sit here, my feet are cold and I’m watching crows extract something really exciting out of the wet, wet grass in the backyard. Better worms than whatever they found so interesting about my morning paper, right? Seriously, this morning I found it in the middle of the front yard torn apart. Sigh.

Anyway, instead of going on and on and on about the ever-gray skies, I thought I would share something that has caught my eye and pulled at my heartstrings. Are you ready? Brace yourself… and, whatever you do, please don’t laugh.

The recent object of my affection is…

Weber Performer Grill

Isn’t it beautiful? There are only a few things that are preventing me from being crazy and ordering it from Crate and Barrel:

  1. I owed taxes this year. In roughly the same amount of the price of this grill: $349.95.
  2. I have absolutely nowhere to store it in the off-season.
  3. I’m afraid of lighting barbecues.

Sigh again. In the interim, I’ve added a more likely option to my wish list (no, I didn’t link to my specific wish list!):

Bodum Frykat Grill

At least I could put my 18 years of Girl Scouts skills to use and light some charcoal, right?

How about you? Are you ready for grilling weather? If so, what would you grill up?