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Truth be told, I was a little embarrassed when I gave my brief holiday update a couple of weeks back. Oh sure, I love my colored Christmas lights and IKEA candles. There was just one thing that struck me as I perused over my finished post: not a single thing was handmade. All of my Christmas-tizing embellishments were bought off the shelf.

Thankfully my friend, Carrie, intervened. You see, every December my public accounting friends and I get together for a little Christmas gathering. This year, Carrie, suggested the inclusion of a craft. After reviewing the Pinterest board that she had assembled, we all enthusiastically agreed to bring a bit of this and that so we could fashion little Christmas trees out of foam forms and fabric, yarn, and paper. After all, any flexing of our creative muscles as accountants during our day jobs is heavily discouraged (hello, Enron!).

This post isn’t super long. Instead, just think of it as a little ping of inspiration. After dinner, we fashioned our little trees…

Any guess as to which one is mine?

And then Carrie whipped up some Homemade Churros with Warm Dark Chocolate Sauce from Joy the Baker:

Image via Joy the Baker

They were delicious. And the evening was a blast! Christmas trees and churros. Who knew?