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Well, hello there! I’ll confess working two jobs while Christmas-tizing the homestead is quite a bit of work! I’m sorry I haven’t written a bit more especially with people chomping at the bit to enter the current giveaway. All I can say and promise is that there will be a bit of a flurry of activity at HBH over the next couple of weeks as I get my act together. In the interim, I thought I would reflect on Christmas decorations because, well, they may have very well had something to do with the lack of posting.

I started Christmas-tizing last week. With a log in the fireplace and Elf in the DVD player, the mini Christmas tree was set up along with a few knick knacks. A majority of my Christmas decorating prep was spent manually putting these together:

Ikea's Strala Light Decorations

Originally, I put them up in the front window. However, after I left the homestead to run some errands, I discovered that their appeal from the street wasn’t that great. Thus, they were brought to the office where I can enjoy the colored silhouettes (since the shapes are cardstock, the light doesn’t do a great job illuminating them).

Still desiring some lighted-window action, I went to Fred Meyer (of course) where I spent way too much time in the light aisle pondering what statement I would make with my light selection. As we all know there are some serious connotations with whether you go with multi-colored lights (cheesy), white (classy) or monochromatic ones (dramatic). So, what did I go with?


I guess I'm cheesy with a capital C!

To be honest, it took an additional trip to Fred Meyers and a midnight order of suction cups from Amazon to get it right. All in all, my nod to Christmas cheer required 300 mini lights and nine suction cups. Including the mishap lights from IKEA, I spent a total of $30.38. But I love them, I really do…

My Christmas indulgence? I leave these lights on overnight...

Other Christmas decorations are super simple. In fact they’re congregated in what I call the Christmas corner…

I’ve had this mini Christmas tree for years when Mollie and I bought it for our little rental house while attending WSU. This year, I added these:

Yrsno (yep, that's right!) Ornaments from Ikea in gold

They make such a difference! As for that little gift box, it’s a little item that I’ve reused for years ever since my friend, Carrie, gave me a gift from Anthropologie. I love the felt garland and have felt it’s quite festive!

Also on the console table, are a couple of my favorite things:

Oh yeah...

I picked up that record at a church rummage sale for .25 cents. Admittedly, I need a frame for it but that will have to wait for next year’s Christmas decorating envelope (silly lights!). The gold dish was snatched up from Thames and Brass, the nesting cups were from Starbucks a couple years ago, and the candle is something that stays out all year long.

Speaking of candles…

Those Yrsno candles from Ikea smell remarkably similar. The framed print was an oh-so-generous freebie from (you probably guessed it!) Emily, at Jones Design Company. Despite this particularly busy season, I must confess that I will spend moments upon moments standing before this verse from Isaiah in awe as I think about how the arrival of Jesus was promised thousands of years ago.

Well, that’s it for this mini-post! I hope your house is brimming with candlelight, sweet smells and cheer as you celebrate this most special season!


Which team do you play for in terms of Christmas lights?