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A Note from Jessica: Confession: I haven’t left Italy yet. In fact, I won’t be dragged onto a plane set for the US until Sunday. What’s the rush with putting up this post, then? Well, the last post of this little ‘HBH Goes Italian’ series is simply too special to get lost in the three-day, holiday weekend! You see, my friend Sally from la Happy, has put together a spectacular Buon Voyage Card Tutorial that will translate to any vacation (or stay-cation) that you may take this summer! I hope you truly enjoy her work as much as I do and visit her website often to stay up to date on all things paper, pink, and pretty!

Hello, Homewares by Hand readers! My name is Sally. I am a graphic designer and I run a design blog called la Happy. I am so excited Jessica asked me to post here on Homewares by Hand! Today I am going to be sharing with you a free download and easy DIY airmail themed card. This card is perfect (and cute too) to send to friends and family even if you haven’t been on a far-flung vacation like Jessica (I’m so jealous – we miss you Jessica!).

Here are the easy things you will need to have on hand for this project:

  • the template I created just for you right here (please remember these templates are copyrighted and are for personal use only, however, feel free to re-post on your blog giving credit to HBH and la Happy)
  • color printer
  • 2 sheets of vintage looking card stock (if you don’t have brown stock like I demo, a cream paper would be pretty as well, but white would work too)
  • glue stick
  • scissors or a paper trimmer
  • pen
  • vintage photo corners (available here or at a local craft store)
  • a favorite vacation photo (I used Adobe Photoshop to turn my photo from Venice into a b&w photo and to create a white vintage looking border around the photo. If you are not able to do the same, try to print your favorite photo in b&w with a white border at a place such as Costco. I would recommend a photo size of 4×6 or a bit smaller)

This project is super easy and won’t take you long! First step: download the cards to print here. If you know how to, the cards are created to print front/back. If that is too complicated for you, no worries! Just print on two separate sheets of paper and glue them together at the end.

After you have printed the cards, use your scissors or a trimmer to cut the 5×7 inch cards out. You can then write your message on the side with the airmail stamp under the message “greetings from”. (You can write your message on either sheet there is just more room on the other sheet to fit a photo)

Next take your vintage photo corners and place them on your photo. Then figure out how you want to place your photo on the “wish you were here” side. For larger 4×6 in sized photos you will probably not be able to place the photo at an angle but figure out what you like! Once you get the photo how you like, glue it down. (NOTE: I recommend a glue stick and NOT white craft glue as the craft glue makes card stock REALLY ripply and bumpy once it dries).

If you printed your card back/front you should be done. If not, you’ll need to glue the backs of your cards together now. Voilá – you’re done! See? So easy! Now you just need to track down an A7 envelope and mail your card!

I hope you enjoyed this project and would love to hear what you think! And hop on over to la Happy for more freebies and projects!


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