Following the tradition established earlier this year on Mother’s Day, I found myself wracking my brain for something to gift to my father that he would enjoy. While he is a master of the kitchen, coming up with a baked good just didn’t seem like the right approach. As we happened to experience some very sunny weather earlier this week in Seattle, I found myself looking forward to barbecues and then remembered how much my dad also likes to spend time outdoors in front of the grill. It was then that I came up with the perfect gift idea:

All-Purpose Spice Rub

Putting together Everyday Food‘s All-Purpose Spice Rub was a snap since the recipe calls for ingredients which I happen to have on hand. The challenge, here, however was coming up with a cool container. For this, I made a quick trip to Seattle Restaurant Store in hopes that I would be able to find a plastic container similar to the one on EDF’s website. With the help of one of SRS’s staff, I was not only directed to a sleek stainless steel bowl with a resealable lid (it also happens to have a wide enough opening that dad-sized hands can scoop the contents), but I also got some great travel advice for my upcoming trip to Italy (PS: please check back on Monday for some very exciting news!).

7 Ingredients

To create the fun retro label (I loved how it ended up looking with the bright green yarn), I simply used Microsoft Word to create the artwork (text box with textured fill), printed it out on cardstock and used a circle cutter to produce the tag. I then used some scrapbook adhesive to temporarily affix the label. (Psst: If you want a copy of the label artwork you can access it here: All-Purpose Spice Rub Label. Please note, however, that this should not be used for commercial purposes.)

Overall, this project took less than 20 minutes to put together allowing more quality time with Dad on his special day! Now, if we could only get that sunshine to come out and play again…

The versatility of the All-Purpose Spice Rub allows for everyone to have their grilling item of choice infused with rich flavors!


A special thank you to my outstanding father for always leading and loving by example! While we may not see eye to eye on menu-planning, we sure do know how to pump out those planter boxes, eh?