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As we set aside a day to celebrate our mothers, I just wanted to include a mini-post regarding what I did for this year’s Mother’s Day gift. The season of May through August tends to be pretty robust for me in the gift-giving department as I celebrate both parents’, siblings’ and grandmothers’ birthdays, the parent holidays and my parents’ anniversary. This year, however, has seemed to be a little more interesting since I will be backpacking with my sister in Italy this June and had naturally assumed that all of the parties above would be more interested in receiving Italian gifts versus the ones that can be found stateside. Still, it just didn’t seem right wishing my mother a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ with a card and a ‘Gift coming, I promise!’ Post It note…

Kraft Paper Box, Envelopment Flat Card, Rafia

As such, I elected to bake her up a batch of Everyday Food‘s Butter Pecan Cookies (sadly, I couldn’t find the recipe online, however, these Pecan Sandies are somewhat comparable) since I have fond memories of us sharing the Keebler variety growing up. Thankfully, with the help of Paper Zone (seriously, I could do extensive damage in this store) her little package turned out quite adorable don’t you think?


  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Your love and support mean so much… especially when it comes to my HBH adventures.