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Sunday,  May 1st, was a typical Sunday for me. It consisted of catching up on sleep (please don’t tell me that crashing for more than eight hours one day a week does not make up for time lost prior!), grabbing a coffee and enjoying the delicious sunshine with a friend at Green Lake, and of course, church (which is my favorite part of Sundays – seriously!). Unfortunately, it did not consist of taking part of the May Day tradition of dropping off a basket full of posies on a neighbor’s stoop. I was, however, able to enjoy some blossom making in anticipation of visiting one of my friends and her new (and oh-so-sweet) baby bear in the upcoming week. Here’s to having my own, if not delayed, May Day!

This just so happened to be a little project which required materials from each and every one of my crafting boxes!

Before I continue, I want to refer you immediately to Jones Design Company. It is the first blog which I started reading regularly and its writer/creator Emily radiates warmth, beauty, and some incredible projects! JDC is solely attributable to the project which I’m sharing today so I hope you hop on over immediately (PS: if you do so this week, you’ll catch even more flower-related projects)!

It just so happened that the polyester satin and adorable beads were on sale at JoAnn's. I love it when that happens!

I love babies and baby things (check out the beginning of a sweet baby quilt here) and I’ve somewhat come accustomed to bringing a ‘welcome baby’ gift whenever I show up for my first snuggle fest. It usually isn’t a big gift but I enjoy bringing a little something-something. This fact combined with the optimism provided by our rather nice weather led me to decide that trying out JDC‘s ‘Flowers‘ was the perfect way to make something pretty for both mommy and baby alike!

Once again, having a cutting mat and rotary cutter made project prep easy breezy.

I’ve included some pictures of my brief crafting session as well as some additional project notes at the bottom. A complete tutorial (including pictures) and material listing is available at JDC though so check it out and start blooming!

Isn't it amazing what a little heat on fabric can do? The blooms are so dainty!

Flowers take their shape. I only dropped one bloom in the hot wax. Pretty good if I do say so.

Close up. I love how the slightly melted edges give dimension by creating contrast.

I loved the soft yellow buttons and beads that I found to pair with the blossoms.

Mommy's flower was made slightly larger and features more traditional buttons in the same color as Baby's.

Baby's bud is simply stitched to some sweet (and super soft) lace elastic to create an adorable headband.

Mommy's flower was glued to a pin back so it can be attached wherever her heart desires. For gifting, I reused some thick cardstock which was dressed up with some scrapbooking borders.

Ok, ok... I used the back of our church's Easter hymnal. I'm only showing the back so you can see that I've left the headband undone. When I visit Baby, I'll assess how big Mommy wants it and then I'll sew it up right then and there.


*This is a great project to use all of those replacement buttons that you get with your clothing purchases!

*In Emily’s tutorial at JDC she forewarns that some polyester satins will ignite versus melting. I went to JoAnn‘s and purchased some fabric from it’s Casa Collection and it did not catch on fire. It was also on sale – hooray!

*I bought 1/4 of a yard and only used a 1/3 of it to make both flowers. This included a couple of practice blooms too. With the fabric being on sale for $4.99/yard (regularly $7.99), I only spent ~$1.25 plus tax.

*I definitely used long handled tweezers to hold my fabric over the flame.