As a CPA, I love numbers. I love analyzing them. I love coming to conclusions about relationships through statistics. As such, writing Homewares By Hand (HBH) has, in many ways, satiated my appetite for numbers. The software offered by Word Press includes a statistics module which shows not only how many visitors HBH receives but also where they are referred from. Want to know a fun fact? The most commonly used search term that generates new visitors is “Harrison Ford Morning Glory frittata” due to one of the very first posts I wrote (if you want to walk down memory lane you can revisit it here). I can only hope that people who stumbled on HBH weren’t too disappointed that I didn’t have Mr. Ford’s recipe!

I bring up my love of statistics because a recent review of all of the posts I’ve penned over the last four months brought about a revelation. There has been a little bit of “mission creep” here at HBH. When I decided to launch HBH it was to revive the “lost arts”. However, you may recall that I mentioned in one of my very first posts that while HBH isn’t a cooking blog, I was going to include some recaps of recipes in order to become a more habitual writer. Well, I think I’m there. A recent review of my posts by category indicates that 65% have been specifically cooking related which is a little higher than I’d like especially as we in the Northwest find ourselves encroaching (somewhat slowly) on the warmer and sunnier months which we love and enjoy.

Starting this month, HBH will include fewer EDF recipe previews. Don't worry though - they won't be obsolete. As you can see, there are three currently scheduled for trial from the May 2010 issue.

As such, you’ll notice that I’ll be scaling back on cooking related posts. While they won’t entirely disappear (I do need some accountability to try Everyday Food recipes which pique my interest each month), they will be fewer and far between allowing me more time to jump into the things that I love which at this current time seem to be gardening, sewing, and party-throwing. I hope this serves you better in the upcoming months!

In fact, speaking of serving…

Thank you in advance for participating! Please feel free to include any comments as well if you have specific requests!