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I actually don’t know this for sure… however, it’s fun to think so.

My friend, K, has a smart, beat-boxing baby girl who just turned one last week! It’s been such a blast watching K’s facebook page and blog over the fast few days as she and her husband, J, post Baby B stories and pictures capturing the celebration of this milestone (she has such an expressive, sweet face). I honestly can’t believe it’s already been a year… it seems like it was just yesterday when my friend, C, and I were throwing a shower for K.

I know, I know… here I go talking about baby showers again. But seriously… this one is a good one! My friend K is a BIG reader and she and J had decided to keep the baby’s gender a surprise. As such, it was almost too natural to settle on a shower theme of Eric Carle‘s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Since the shower was on a weeknight we served soup and salad and topped things off with what turned out to be an almost immediate internet sensation – a caterpillar cake!

We used Martha Stewart’s instructions for ‘Chocolate Faux Bois Cupcakes‘ in order to create green, two-tone disks which were a nod to Eric Carle’s masterful collage illustrations. The final results looked like this:

While I was pretty thrilled with our results, I was downright giddy when K forwarded C and me an e-mail from J who had notified her that a picture of the cake on his Flickr account had been featured on PartyCupcakeIdeas.com. So all those tears going through three different sets of biscuit cutters paid off!

All of this to say, thinking about Baby B turning one and then thinking about K’s shower made me wonder if the post was still out there. To my delight, a quick search showed it is and that there have been A LOT of caterpillar cakes since our’s was featured (some even better looking). Again, I can’t say it with any certainty but I think it’s neat to imagine that we did it first.