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While it was fun to discuss the craft and food elements that made M’s shower super fun to host, there are a few more tidbits that I wanted to reflect on which just couldn’t be meshed in logically with the previous posts… thanks for sticking with me!

Coming Together

Whenever I’ve told people about my hopes and dreams for Homewares by Hands (HBH), I’ve been very quick to include a line about how I want to avoid the danger of encouraging friends and loved ones to pour a lot of time and resources by oneself into something that inevitably is just an inanimate object. This can be pretty tricky though since most major domestic arts such as knitting or sewing can be done quite efficiently alone and crafting, for the most part, requires taking one’s resource to buy materials. As such, I was so excited that prepping for M’s shower the week beforehand definitely indicated that ‘homewaring by hand’ can be done in community! D and I had a lot of fun as we worked together to bounce ideas off each other, read recipes together, and even just celebrate our successes. Heck, even having one person beat coffee cake batter while the other alternated the wet/dry mixes made a world of difference! I hope that as HBH grows and you see a craft or project that catches your eye, you’ll be quick to think of the perfect friend, family member or loved one to use your hands with!

Pinwheel Supplies: Don't you love the Caboodle?

Taking Help

When I was sharing my plans with my mom on one of our telephone chats, I was lamenting about how I was somewhat nervous to make the fruit salad. ‘J,’ she said, ‘ask someone to make it. You can ask for help!’

Luckily, thirty minutes didn’t even pass by when a friend on the guest list texted me and offered to help! (Seriously, how do moms do it?!) Although it was hard to admit I couldn’t do it alone, I delegated the fruit salad to her which she executed magnificently. Later, another friend called and gladly agreed to bring OJ for mimosas. Letting these friends help was so refreshing! I’m so grateful for such generous friends and hope I can serve them in this way in the years ahead…

Tropical Fruit Salad

The Menu

I love brunch and brunching so it was a blast putting together the menu for M’s shower. The menu items below feature what I consider to be a good ratio of “scratch” and prepared dishes. And, of course, all items (well, except the mimosas and caffeinated coffee) are pregnancy friendly:

The Complete (but Fuzzy) Spread

Crustless Broccoli-Cheddar Quiches

An easy recipe that adapts easily to a large group. I made mine in glass, rectangular bakeware.

Tropical Fruit Salad

A delicious four-ingredient fruit salad that warmed up our January gathering. I was nervous about getting ripe fruit but my sweet friend had no problems!

Coffee Cake Parfaits

You already know about these!

Trader Joe’s Spinach Salad

Although I haven’t written my own review at Trader Joes Fan yet, I easily would! We were able to feed ~18 ladies with two bags of salad and still had some for the compost bin! Unlike other bagged salad, TJ’s is more than generous in their provision of toppings and in Seattle, it sells for $4.49.