After the Slap – Why I Went with Weight Watchers

Well, the proverbial sting on my cheeks has worn off a bit. Thanks to those of you who commented on my prior post! It felt a little vulnerable but I find that I like to share what I deem to be the interesting points of my life with my circle of friends. A lot of questions popped up since my post and, because I said I would, I’d like to do a little follow up.

By far, the most consistent question I’ve received off screen is the following, “WHY IN THE HECK ARE YOU ON WEIGHT WATCHERS?”

Well first, thank you. Second, Mom/Dad, take a breath (love you)! Look, I’m flattered that my art of wearing billowy tops and walking at only the right angles had the world fooled. In fact, I would have kept up the whole optical illusion game if it weren’t for the perfect storm of events which happened. However, before I continue any further I’m going to disclose the following:

*I’m completely self-involved. I’m also my own worst critic. And I am a lot meaner to myself than I am to other people. So what could seem like absolutely nothing to someone else seemed like a big deal to me. You have your truth. I have my mine. Ok, we can move on.

*Speaking about truth – I’m also going to be honest. Because if I even tried to mince my words, the truth and silliness of my thought life wouldn’t fully be conveyed. And I’d like anyone who’s reading this to know where I’m at, feel comfortable to share their thoughts and also just accept the fact that I’m human.

*I am not a medical professional and I don’t really try to be. Oh sure, I feign interest in diet trends and healthy lifestyle tips. However, if the article isn’t less than 200 words then I’m moving on to something else, well, because of the two points I mentioned above. Thus, as I’m thinking out loud about my thought life DO NOT TAKE IT AS GOSPEL. It’s just me, rambling, trying to console myself.

Ok, so back to that question: “WHY IN THE HECK ARE YOU ON WEIGHT WATCHERS?!”

Reason #1 | Amazon Daily Deals | Two nights before Christmas I was scrolling through Instagram and saw an ad (yes, an ad!) about getting the first five seasons of Downton Abbey for $39.99 on a DVD set. Still psychologically scarred from selling the first two seasons in my garage sale two summers ago, I figured Jesus was giving me a second chance so I snapped it up. I also bought an electronic tire gauge (because those manual ones make no sense to me) and, for the first time, a scale. Yes, I bought an electronic scale for $14.99 and it’s ruined my life for the last seven weeks! Until then, I’d only weighed myself at the doctor’s office. You see, I was better than that. Because I used the jean test. And if my jeans felt too tight then I resolved that they had been washed too much and I would go buy a new pair. And I’d be really tricky and switch between companies who had European and American sizing so I never really noticed that my pant size kept creepin’ like T.L.C.

So maybe it was that my jeans were feeling a little too tight or it was post Downton Abbey deal of the century bliss, but I bought a scale.

The scale was delivered to my office and I decided right then and there to tear the box open and plop the scale in my coworkers office and step on it. And I saw the highest number I had ever seen. And I wasn’t ok with it. Now, in my coworkers defense, she tried to rationalize every pound by telling me to take off my coat, my shoes, my necklace. That lost three pounds. But still. That number. It wasn’t what I wanted. But most importantly, my jeans were really tight that day and I was uncomfortable.


So, that, my friends, was reason number 1.

Reason #2 | Everyone Else Was Doing It | While I don’t think all my coworkers necessarily bought their first scale over Christmas break, they were definitely bemoaning the holiday treat season and because our insurance offers Weight Watchers for free, many of these fine ladies were jumping back on the WW train. All of a sudden, the doughnuts I was bringing in were left untouched. The chitchat around the coffeemaker and the copier revolved around the words “points”, “low sugar”,  and “weigh ins”. I was intrigued but WW sounded hard and limiting. It also sounded like a lot of math and frankly, my life has too many number in it already. Now mind you, I was going 2-3 weeks without grocery shopping and was eating our nearly every evening (I had a great rotation between Burgerville, El Tapatio and Taco Time). Who wanted to measure and dice and track? Who wanted to get up early on a Saturday and go weigh in? Not me. That is, until…

Reason #3 | Oprah | I am going to be perfectly honest. Oprah, in many realms of my life, can have serious swagger. When I saw her beautiful face on TV telling me that it wasn’t about fitting into a piece of clothing or being a certain weight but just “being your best self”, I ate that up. Well, you know what I mean… So I called my insurance company and got my vouchers. I also started doing a bit of research (in other words, I harassed my coworkers with a bunch of questions) and learned more about the “Beyond the Scale” program and the new SmartPoints. And I really liked what I learned… which gets us to…

Images via Weight Watchers

Reason #4 | SmartPoints | In WW, every member gets a target point value of food (in other words, a food budget). Point values are based off the most consistently viable nutrition research which led WW to change it’s calculation to prioritize lean protein and demote foods high in saturated fat and sugar. Ok, friends, go up and read disclaimer #3 above again, please. This matters because when I read about WW’s new weighting system, I instantly thought “They’re going Paleoesque”. Being a completely wimpy CrossFit-er, I’m more than familiar with Paleo eating and for me, this fact was money. I’ve tried time and time again to give up dairy (it’s terrible for my complexion) and sugar (because I’ve honestly had withdrawals when I’ve done other cleanses which is scary) so I loved a more gentle way of making this change. Because, the beauty of WW is that anyone can eat anything they want. They just have to be honest with themselves and calculate the points and take the hit on the daily point allocation. And eat celery and fruit and water for the rest of the day.


Click the picture (via Hungry Girl) above to visit Hungry Girl’s website and read her review of SmartPoints.

Ok, so those are the four reasons I’ve started WW. From my initial and very public step on my new scale to my WW goal weight, I’m aiming to lose 27 pounds. I lost 8 pounds before I even attended my first WW meeting by simply being more mindful of what and why I was eating (I eat when I’m bored and it’s the worst habit!) and drinking more water. That was the easy post-Starbucks holiday beverage season weight in my opinion. Since my first weigh in at WW, I’m down 7ish more but I’m worried as I look ahead because my training for my next half marathon is going to escalate and work is going to be oh-so-busy. Thankfully, I’ve had some help in the food department which I’ll go into more detail on the next post, because, if we’re being honest, that’s the most interesting.

Until then,